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Online Free Casino Bonuses

Casino bonuses are incentives that a casino offers to its customers when they make a wager, place a bet, or play a casino game. In essence, it gives punters something extra to win that's over and above what they expected from their initial bet. Land-based casinos may give customers bonuses in the form of comp points and did so in the past, and some still do today. Even a few online casinos offer comp points as well. While this strategy was successful for a while, we noticed that online casino players wanted more bonuses and promotions. Several online casinos have popped up across the globe in the past few years. Most online casino services vary in the services they provide, games customers have access to, and most importantly, the chance to win real bonuses.

Bonuses benefit punters as well as casinos. Online casinos use rewards as marketing tools to help a punter make a wager, attract new players, increase an individual's betting capacity, and incentivize specific calls to action. Players benefit from winning a lot more on top of their initial investment, access to promotions around the year, and several features extended to online casinos. Both online casinos and players stand to benefit by using casino bonuses. However, bonuses incentivize more players to join a platform and play at a particular cost to the platform. The online casino has to forgo a certain amount of revenue and profit to give that back to players in bonuses. However, what most casinos tend to do is offer the basic minimum back to a player, which may not be incentivized enough. In some cases, you don't have the option of getting a bonus at all.

Most bonuses currently offered by online casinos have a particular wagering requirement. A wagering requirement means you have to win a certain amount before you're eligible to withdraw any online casino bonus winnings. Having a wagering requirement is normal, and it's meant to safeguard the provider in the event of fraud or misuse of bonuses. However, some service providers may set unrealistic wagering requirements that players may not know about. Players always have the option of further choosing if they'd like to engage with a virtual gaming platform or a platform with live dealers. Platforms with live dealers allow players to communicate, engage, and interact over the platform with other players and dealers. A virtual casino game is designed on an algorithm to perform a certain way each time so that the house makes a fraction of the deposits in the long run. Being avid punters, we realized that we needed to bridge the gap between what players are looking for in terms of a casino provider and access to high-quality casino games, tips, and bonuses. So we developed BettorClub to provide punters and casino players with the opportunity to win more while also having fun doing so. Players from across the globe can access the BettorClub platform, sign up and gain access to bonuses, promotions, offers, cash backs, jackpots, discounts, high-quality gaming options, and more.

Features Of BettorClub Casino Bonuses

Online casino bonuses have several features and advantages that a punter should be aware of. By understanding these features, players know how they stand to benefit from using a reward and when to best use a bonus. Some of the features of casino bonuses are:

1. Casinos Versus Online Casinos

Online casinos tend to offer more perks compared to land-based casinos. An online casino has multiple reasons to provide bonuses to attract their customers. Looking at it as a player, you stand to gain more the better a reward is.

2. New And Old Customers

Bonuses are extended to both old and new customers and not necessarily for acquisition. While new bonuses attract more customers, ongoing bonuses help retain old customers.

3. Wagering Requirements

Most services (if not all) have wagering requirements for bonuses in some form or the other as part of the prerequisites, terms, and conditions. Wagering requirements need to be realistic for it to benefit both the online casino service provider and the player.

4. Other Services

Punters also have access to a range of other services to help them understand when they stand to win a bonus, how they can win that bonus and the terms of said bonus. Bonuses across different types of games help players try out new games and incentivize them to do so.

Types Of Bonuses

Customers can get a casino bonusin various forms. Members can get a bonus when signing up with the platform, referring another customer to the platform, an extra in the form of cash or money back, sticky bonuses or bonuses that don't let you cash out, no deposit bonuses, and much more. Members have the opportunity to keep coming back at any time, and they always stand a chance to benefit in the form of some bonus or the other.

1. Sign Up Bonuses

New players get to use a sign-up bonus when signing up with the platform for the first time. A sign-up bonus helps new punters have something more to win, apart from the first bet they make. It also establishes trust so that a player has an opportunity to try the platform first before diving in.

2. Referring Bonuses

A referral bonus is for existing customers on the platform that help make referrals to the platform. Existing customers may recommend the platform to a friend, colleague, or family member, and they stand a chance to get referral points and bonuses for doing so. This helps the platform gain a trusted player, and in turn, the player gains a trusted platform. BettorClub incentivizes its customers

3. Money-back Bonuses

Cashback or money back bonuses give members real money back for a particular bet or time frame in the event of losses. Money-back bonuses promote participation in various casino games, new games on offer, seasonal or festive offers, and more. It also ensures that you have a safety net that, in the event you lose, you still have the opportunity to make something back.

4. Sticky Bonuses

Sticky bonuses are bonuses that stick and are not cashable. A sticky bonus is added to a player's account, but a player can't withdraw the reflected amount that comes under the bonus.

5. No Deposit Bonuses

No deposit bonuses don't require players to make a deposit, unlike most conventional deposit bonuses. Most bonus offers are conventional because they require a certain deposit to be made with the online casino as a condition of that offer. Most casinos use no deposit bonuses to attract new users with an added incentive.

Sign Up Today

Casino players and punters from across the globe can sign up with BettorClub today and gain access to several bonuses, promotions, and offers. All one needs to do to become a member is to have a stable internet connection and sign up. BettorClub listens to players and curates useful bonuses based on a player's needs and regular bonus updates. Players looking for the best and top casino bonus 2021 can sign up today, and don't forget to use your bonus.