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How to Play
  • Register your account with Bettor Club and provide the necessary details.
  • Browse through the games that are available and choose your preferred games and enter your predictions and bets.
  • Pay attention to your fellow tipsters and competitors that are making predictions about the same games.
  • Take note of how your predictions fare against your fellow Bettor Club members.
  • Monthly prizes will be given to the members that performs the best on our Awards page.

Simply start by
clicking on the odds you wish to select

Once selected it will appear in the "Prediction Slip" on the right side of the page

Enter the amount of stakes and click "Submit Prediction" and you are done.

Calculation of the points, winnings and losses.

  • Your account will be reset every 1st of the month with a bankroll of 10,000 credits.
  • Profit/loss calculation example: You placed a bet on 2.00 odds with 100 units as stake. Your bet won; 2.00x100=200-100 units stake = 100 units profit. This example shows that stake is always deducted from your winnings.
  • If you lose your bet, full stake amount is deducted from your account.
  • This system only allows you to lose a maximum 10,000 a month. Each tipster starts new month with 10,000 bankroll. If you have run out of bankroll you need to wait for a new month to start again.
  • You must place at least 20 bets per month to qualify for prize money.
  • The Maximum number of bets that you can place in any 24 hrs period is 15. This rule exists to avoid massive betting on high odds - we want real, high quality tips from our players, not a guessing game.

Please read the Rules & Regulation

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