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Keep an eye out for your own Best Social Media Tipsters… debbie / May 22nd,2017

    This article was originally published in Betscans’ blog

    Previously, betting tips were limited to exchange their ideas with friends or colleagues. But now people can share their predictions for upcoming games all over the world. With so much information out there, the ability to predict sporting events has become that bit easier. All updates, insider info, and other tips can make it public quickly with the help of social media.

    Before beginning into this field, it’s important to survey what accurately you are looking for. Think about whether you are willing to pay money for tips, what kind of bets you are looking for and your reasonable price for betting.

    Soccer fans love to bet, it makes the match that bit more tense and exciting. Even better, when your prediction comes in, you walk away with a full amount.

    The delicate part is, of course, guessing the result. Everyone has good days at the bookies, but most of us have our fair share of bad ones too.

    Twitter rules the tipster world, whereas Facebook has its fair share of outstanding accounts, offering great predictions. Many of these pages are run by former bookies or those with industry experience, meaning they often have an advantage over the rest of us.

    With daily info on the social media account and website, bets aren’t restricted to one or two leagues. Instead, they suggest tips on whatever they upmarket in the forthcoming fixtures. It doesn’t matter what continent you’re on, there will always be something for you.

    It’s not just the tips, however, the account also sends notifications and tweets out breaking news from the world of soccer and soccer betting related and responses to specific questions from the social media users. Even if you’re not in a betting mood, their messages will be a welcome addition to your timeline.

    Always look for someone who has been profitable and consistently over the last few months. It is hard is it to change those wins to a loss if you’re selling tips on a blog.

    Most tipsters are on social media, either Facebook or Twitter put all their betting tips. All the event or league updates are posted, and it is easy to follow the modifications. But don’t assume because they have a large following that they are good, it’s easy to buy flowers, but more so look at the users’ comments.

    You always have to keep an eye on your track records to ensure those sites are genuine and help you to make more money.

    Please visit and follow our best tipster services on social media, Betscans. We are one of the most active Facebook pages in the soccer betting world, Betscans has a good success rate with their tips service, which makes them a worthwhile inclusion.


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