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About Us

Betting on a game is a combination of both luck and information where we try to make decisions based on the research that we’ve done beforehand. Here at BettorClub, we take the risks away from gambling our members hard earned money and instead reward them by giving them a chance to win prizes based on their research initiatives. We are not a betting website, rather we focus on providing a platform for our members to share their insights and tips on their favourite teams and by doing so, stand a chance to win weekly prizes, vouchers, and credits.

Why Choose BettorClub

BettorClub is not a gambling platform, we are an information sharing website that provides tips and research knowledge to soccer fans that visit us. As our member, your role is to predict and submit your bets for the games that you are proficient in. After your submission, you will stand a chance in winning monthly prizes, be it cash or sponsored vouchers. Your tips and predictions will be available for all to see on our website and are unable to sell the tips that have been submitted for a profit, as our objective is to provide a safe and fun playing environment. Tipsters are also unable to sell information between each other so that the playing ground will be fair and free of prejudice.

BettorClub Features

  • Real sports events with real odds from the bookmakers.
  • Different types of bets available for each sport, automated fixture updates and closing.
  • You can check yours and others predictions history for all their predictions.
  • You can check the results for any previous month.
  • Automatic checks to stop people cheating.
  • We are always happy to listen to ideas for improvements.
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